It is great that AMD now has a lead over Intel with the latest Ryzen 5000 series processors.

One thing that I noticed though is that the CPU temps on Windows 10 kept staying really high even when the system was doing nothing. My temps were constantly going to and frow between 40c and 70c. Checking the currently running processes in Windows 10’s Task Manager – none were using more than 1-2%.

The problem seemed to be with my CPU’s precision boost speeds constantly going to their highest across a few of the cores. To fix this I just changed the Windows 10 – Power and Sleep settings:

Click on the Windows logo Start button – type in ‘Power and Sleep settings’

Click on ‘Additional power settings’ and select the ‘Power saver’ option.

Changing to the Power saver option lowered my temps to a constant 45c idle and reached mid 60s under load.

If this still doesn’t fix it for you – try:

When you see the above ‘Power save’ option – click on ‘Change plan settings’ and ‘Change advanced power settings’ – ‘Processor power management’ – ‘Maximum processor state’ and change from 100 to 99.

Your PC will take a bit longer to reach the maximum boost speeds but you shouldn’t notice the difference in general use unless you are constantly rendering videos or doing complex scientific calculations! 😉

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